There is a part of the project that is always the toughest for most of us. It’s usually not the rain and mud, the heat of the summer or the snow sitting on top of that cold steel. It’s packing up at the house, saying goodbye and heading out to the job. Leaving the comfort and love of our family and friends to a place that is cut throat, mean and only the strongest, hardest working guys survive (unless your somebody’s brother or uncle but just keep reading).

1 Peter tells us of a similar story as writes to Christians who are going into foreign sinful, pagan lands.  He first reminds us of the incredible Savior we have in Jesus the “living hope” and he is with us every step of the way.  Going it alone is never even an option; if you’re going he’s going. He then reminds us that we are born again, saved from the bondage of sin and don’t have to live like the rest of them, reckless and troubled. We are totally free!

And if that wasn’t enough he goes on to tell us all of the blessings we receive for just having to deal with all the nonsense. Every time we get passed up for a raise or have to deal with someone’s idiot brother in law God puts something away for us. And this inheritance isn’t a Christmas present that we just put in our tool bag and let get dusty or breaks after the first use. 1 Peter 1:4 “An inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled and unfading” Perfect. The inheritance we have will be unblemished like a 32’ Ford roadster that is the brightest red the world has never seen, never runs out of gas and you can drive it as fast as you want forever. All of the things that have been stripped from you by this world are in YOUR house in heaven. That’s good news because we are going to be stepped over, passed up and pushed back no matter what so I like knowing that I’m getting the last laugh!


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