You might be wondering what this is all about. Not necessarily this blog but life. Most of what you’ve seen has been the first layer. Our first impression of most everything is seeing it on the outside. When people plan a vacation, visit a job site, pick out a spouse or a best friend randomly from a crowd, their first impression or decision to go will most of the time be from what they’ve seen. Yet everything that we see first was first built/created from the inside. It started in the heart of man or the heart of God and then formed. The astonishing thing is only does the creator/Creator see things first from the inside out. No one else has that pleasure. Only the builder or those involved in a project can intimately know what went into the final product that the rest of the world sees on the outside.

The creator can than attempt to explain the process, but it can only be explained and not experienced. We don’t entirely know the joy God experienced in Creating people. A very loving parent understands a tiny bit. Similarly, I have no idea what went into creating the Grand Canyon, a 100 Grand, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the cow bell, or a McDonald’s hamburger but I can still enjoy them. I also don’t know that those who created such things enjoyed the process it took to create it, but let’s assume they did.

But what happens when rather than procreation we have to re-create or participate in recreation. Essentially all recreation is, is borrowing whether it be sport or exercise from someone else who first did something and had fun. Then we redo it at recess or home to get a similar or more sensational feeling. The process of recreation or reconstruction typically exists to do something better. For example in elementary school, we played soccer almost everyday in 4th grade. I played goalie and I got better. Why did we do it everyday? Because it remained fun, and we improved. A novel concept eh? Also logical. Similarly the idea in the heart of God is to make things new, Reconcile, Resurrect, Revive, Renew, all words you hear at Church more than anywhere else. Sorry if they are foreign. He is out to make me better after we chose to make ourselves worse. Thus, I must trust in my new birth and the reconstruction process that he has begun.

Why the process of Reconstruction rather than and instant miraculous changing of me into an angelic demigod? Because as I said only the creator/builder intimately knows its creation and similarly when I decided to agree with God’s reconstruction process I in turn get to intimately know the one who started this good work. That’s the good news for all of us. We start to find out what this was all about and we learn from the inside of His heart.

Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house,  the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city,  the guards stand watch in vain.
1 Corinthians 3:12-14 If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, 13 their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work. 14 If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward.

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