Generally when tragedy strikes, the timing for relief in the minds of those who are in need is immediate. That’s why we have fire extinguishers and life boats. But for catastrophes that devastate homes and the lives of thousands at once, immediate relief seems unattainable. Relief workers are trained or even birthed out of a need for response typically not from “I saw this coming”.

You may have seen some of this spring up quickly in your own heart or those close to you who are eager to help. Storms, attacks, wars take people by surprise. Some heed urgent warnings while others say, “it won’t be that bad”. In fact just prior to the most recent storm I recall reading numerous Facebook posts about how this storm was hyped up and would be smaller than it seemed. For many it was bigger than expected even in making preparations to brace it. So now after the storm its time to work and reconstruct. (Search reconstruct Jersey Shore)

But the lesson comes in timing, and timing in God’s eyes concerns itself is less about what happened when and rather what we did when He spoke. To give a few very quick biblical recaps, God told Noah to build an arc in preparation for a storm 120 years prior to and told him to get in the boat 7 days prior to destruction that leveled the earth. Jesus slept in a boat when a storm seemed like it was going to kill he and his disciples and as he was awakened from his nap he told the sea and wind to be calm. The Sons of Thunder James and John (Jesus’ disciples) wanted to call a storm of fire down from Heaven and are told it was never in the heart of God. The apostle Paul gets shipwrecked after a severe storm but prophesies that all will survive even though everything else would be destroyed.

With myself and my boss God spoke to us about how to weather a storm that wouldn’t affect us all that much. He’s from Louisiana a state that is still being reconstructed from Katrina 7 years ago.  In fact parts of the 9th ward are still crippled from what they once were. I’m only 3 hours away from my home New Jersey and hardly able to relate at all to loss of power, destroyed houses and coasts and lives especially since my week was an uninterrupted flurry of sending out materials. But four days prior God had been speaking to Jeff and I separately about a blog for  people living away from home working and the families without them. Tuesday morning we talked and the process of how we could help them was confirmed and set into motion. So the same day we bought a web domain called thereconstructed, without knowing what else was happening where I called home.

Then again what doesn’t He know and even more is there anything He doesn’t want to share with His friends?

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