This week I left a tip for the first time ever. It caught me a little off guard even though I was somewhat anxious to do it. A couple of things surprised me though after I left it. The first thing that surprised me was that it was not enough. The second thing that surprised me was how little I knew about giving tips. Perhaps instead of the excitement of my first one I should have thought more soberly about what I was giving.

Thankfully the operator at was more helpful than unappreciative. I called about a “tip” because of a rumor I had heard about potential human trafficking in northern PA. In actuality I was calling to report a little information I received about massage parlors giving more than massages. It made me angry enough to do something, but what struck me afterward is that it didn’t seem I had enough. I realized during the follow-up questions that I had little to no helpful information to solve the problem. All I really had was a problem, not even my own problem per say but someone else’s.

As a result they gave me a case number and said to call back when I received more info. It hurt my pride. It made me feel powerless in some ways that the information I had wasn’t enough, but in some ways I have hope because God knows what’s going on. Perhaps He spared me a little.  What made me sadder is how if human trafficking is taking place or even if these massage parlors are “just” selling sex “willingly,” I thought about the parents of those working at these parlors. No father would ever want their daughter doing sexual favors for a little bit of money off some exit on an interstate.

It led me to think of the even scarier thought that the parents of these women, like me don’t know the full extent of what is going on in their children’s lives, or worse they don’t care. That’s the sad truth, some parents don’t care. Thank God that He does. In the same vain, no parent wants to hear that their son or daughter is paying for sex either. Both victim and perpetrator are in the same boat. They seek something that they don’t have and as a result one exploits and the other lays down defeated. Both likely have ignorant or powerless parents.

Where’s the good news? Our Father is not powerless and He’s never been powerless. He was powerful enough to express the fullness of His wrath upon His own Son and see to it that Jesus rose from the dead in power and glory. That power and glory He pours out through His Spirit upon His church to do something about injustice. So the good news is He knows and He wants to share with us His tips about just what to do about it.

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