I heard a sermon once about Jesus at the wedding Cana. It wasn’t as much about him turning water into wine as much as it was about 2 other things. 1) Jesus’ first miracle had social implications. The miracle placed the wedded couple in a glorious light by allowing the best wine to be brought out last. The bridegroom is praised for saving the best for last, though he did nothing at all. That in itself is amazing that Jesus cares about our reputation.

The second thing was a possible insight into the perspective of Jesus who at that time was a 30 year old single man at a wedding. He probably attended lots of weddings, his parables encouraged people attend them. As far as we know Jesus never married, but we do know He has been long engaged to His promised bride (the Church). The pastor suggested that Jesus may have yearned for his bride at this feast. In all ways he was tempted and can relate to us, how much more in his desire for a spotless bride. After all this whole thing concludes or rather all begins with a wedding. Yet He waits. And He has waited longer than any of us, yet none of this makes waiting any easier for me or for most people who are eager to marry.

This year more than any, I have known more people who have gotten engaged, married and are waiting to marry. All of them bearing the promise of commitment held fast by desire and love. Some lived together, some are still in college, some live alone, some willingly had long engagements, some short, and then there are those with hope deferred whether currently engaged or not. Rather than going into why, the pain, and the shaping that happens in the process today (I’ll save that for tomorrow), I need to remind myself and maybe even others of something. God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and He doesn’t want us left feeling ashamed. He wants to preserve our character before those that are closest to us.

Lastly, a few words about waiting for a long time: Nobody fully understands why we wait for something no one else desires. I don’t wait in lines on Black Friday because there is nothing I want enough to make me stay up late and wait in line, however I will and did wait in queue on Ticketmaster.com for an hour at work to buy tickets to Wrestlemania. The reason people wait for Jesus, or to marry, or to be in relationship with someone they really care about, or for a video game is due to the fact that it is something they treasure regardless of who else treasures it. I try not to question why people endure through suffering and wait long for someone they love. It’s hard for those of us to give a “satisfactory” answer. If we dared ask Jesus why, He would likely say because He is patient. Maybe you and I can be patient for things too. Yes?

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