Well 2012 was certainly an eventful year for the DeRouen bunch. As I launch off into the new year, with a new family and a new career I have no choice but to fly high on all of my blessings and the promise of this new season of my life. With that said I can’t help but consider that some did not have the same exciting finish to their 2012 as I did. I know I have had really bad years. I just want to tell anyone who may be in that situation that one of the greatest promises that God has made to us is that he will make all things new. He can make our hearts new, our futures new, our lives new if we let him. Isaiah 42:9 “Behold the old things have come to pass and new things I now declare..” 

This isn’t only a promise though, it’s a mission for the Lord. He desperately wants to strip away all of the things that keep you from being happy, content, excited, or healed. He wants to do it because the things that cause unhappiness, loneliness and anger keep you from experiencing the greatness of him.

I know it’s hard to hear this from a guy who seems to have everything and I won’t even argue with you I do have everything. This is only because one year when I had nothing but an absolute mess and had enough, I asked the Lord to save me from myself. He didn’t just hear me, he came running straight for my heart. I urge you that before you spend time worrying or wondering why, you spend time asking Jesus to make you new, to wash it all away and start over. He can do that, He loves to do that. Then watch your world turn upside down just as I did. I guarantee you will look back 2013 in absolute amazement.


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