lovesacMovement and excitement go hand in hand. This past week has been busy. I forgot that not only do I have to furnish a house but also buy everything that a house needs: cleaning products, pillows, food, and toilet paper. I was going to try to get by without the necessities. In the midst of it all, the apartment is freezing, 57 degrees which I admit isn’t freezing but it’s still cold. I called the landlord every day this week. The result is I bought 2 space heaters after he said he would take care of it. And then I hit a parked car (in an almost empty parking lot), with someone else’s truck and destroyed the parked cars front end. See, moving is exciting and I’m not being sarcastic.

What I’m realizing is when you are busy and on the go there is greater margin for error but things stay fresh. The cold and the car I broke are inconvenient, especially since my own car is breaking it to me gently that it is our last year together. She wants to retire; she’s hinted at this several times recently. Once, when I noticed she was having trouble getting up small hills in the snow and turned off on me, then when a large piece of metal ripped off her front end; now she is unbolting on her back-end (I think it’s the tire rods) around the part that keeps one from wobbling or so I’m told.

The last thing I noticed about moving is it keeps you too busy to be very upset or very anxious about other things. I think it’s because new things take up your attention and they are initially fun. This is probably why God spends so much time convincing us we are new. Today your new, still you but something is new/renewed. He’s never done with us; He didn’t check me out of the library, read me in two weeks and sit me back on a shelf. He searches me, re-reads me, underlines, highlights, edits and tells others including His angels about me never complaining about me being boring or slow. Only stands on my behalf and corrects me with loving discipline, not afraid to tell me this is blatantly wrong and that He has decided before I knew about it to change it.

In that newness today tomorrow doesn’t seem too intimidating, there’s too much excitement for one day. But God has been up to something lately in my world, good things. I know He’s always been here, that whole conundrum, where He is dwelling in me. But I’m feeling this greater sense that God Himself is moving in. Thankfully for His sake my largest room the living room is still empty, except for a very comfortable giant memory foam bean bag chair. I hope He likes it; after all He’s a wild God, one that actually wants to move in with me.

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