James 4:10 “HumblThrowing Thingse yourselves before the Lord, and he will life you up.”

1 Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s might hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

This initially was going to be titled “Moving: Up,” then I heard a whisper that said “what comes first?” Then I remembered how God’s kingdom works. He doesn’t exalt the proud for sheer effort and what they are willing to do to get to the top at any cost but He does exalt the humble, those who pour expensive perfume on His head or shed tears at His feet.

God watches and delights in the choices we make in the secret part of our heart, and He helps us see them through when they are meant for public display. I’ve become more grateful for opportunities to make humble decisions. I even find myself yearning to make them, especially the ones that involve my closest relationships. In scripture Jesus, Mary and other unnamed individuals may not have lived up to worldly expectations placed upon them, but they did things that revealed the heartbeat of God to those who knew them, sometimes though it took a little while.

In my last tidbit of writing I mentioned how I felt God called me away from my understanding of a typical ministry mold to venture out to PA to work and reconnect with the One who loves me. I find amongst my closest friends He’s done that too. One of my best friends has a strong desire to be a long term missionary in Mozambique; while praying when to go, God called him to pursue a master’s degree in psychology and maybe more than that. He was obedient through his struggle and has been blessed because of it.

Another dear friend was on tYoung Adultshe mission’s field for several years and came home to obey God’s call to study skin care and serve people by showing them that God made them beautiful. She’s obedient and confident as God continues to speak to her about His plans for her.

I have many friends that are pastors and remain obedient by making humble choices or have found that easy choices have found a way to keep them humble in their serving. One day I hope to write about all the people I know that love God in different settings because they are the ones that are revealing the kingdom of God. Even if some people were to look at them and feel they haven’t accomplished much/enough, these people are my heroes/celebrities (the ones me and God celebrate).Pastors

I see them and know how low they’re willing to go to serve, what kind of ridiculous things people have said or done to challenge their callings, the time they have to sacrifice to show mercy, and the battle with their flesh they endure to walk according to the Spirit. In my eyes and heart God has exalted them and I pray I will look at them and delight more and more in who Jesus made them to be.

Pray with me and for me today for humility and that we’d not consider ourselves higher than we ought and not be afraid to see others in a light burning brighter than we might be.

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