The Bride of Christ and No More Night: Meditation on Revelation 21:25

“And its gates will never be shut by day—and there will be no night there.”

When I lived in Clarks Summit for 8 months I went to a sandwich shop and the man working behind the counter said, “This is the kind of town where you don’t have to lock your doors.” In other words, “this place is safe.” Fortunately, I had three entrances to my five room tiny apartment, and I kept them all locked out of habit. God tells us only to close our door except to pray, as a sign of intimacy, I think. A couple likewise closes there door I imagine for their own intimacy but someone who closes their door when they are alone is isolated. They in a sense are hiding from no one and everyone. To close a door in darkness means one does not want to be seen; one likely does not want to see themselves.  Drinking in a group and in moderation is celebrated, drinking alone is a problem. Knowing your spouse in the bedroom is intimacy, knowing any other form of sexual pleasure alone is empty and unsatisfying.

People in general don’t like being alone. They also don’t like dark alleys when someone is walking behind them. Some forms of torture trap you alone in darkness. Darkness is dreadful because there is isolation. Nobody likes feeling locked in or trapped. I liked Clarks Summit because the town felt safe and just big enough and close enough to bustle that it served me well. I hated Clarks Summit because it was the first time I ever lived alone.

The beauty of being a Bride of Christ is we are never alone. The bride dressed in white, seen in the light is enhanced by the celebration and participation of others when they are wide awake. At night it’s hard to see and we are tired (see disciples falling asleep when Jesus asks them to pray). This is why nobody starts a wedding at 10 or 11 pm, except maybe vampires but I’m not familiar with their culture. The point is a lot of preparation takes place even on the day of a wedding. The celebration is meant to last a long time, in some cultures even days. In the Christian’s case, it lasts an eternity. The body/bride of Christ forever gets to see Christ in the light of His glory never again having to worry about sleep. Rather our rest is in His presence, His glory.

Gates always open, God as the light and nothing evil detestable or false will ever enter into His kingdom because it knows better. The darkness will cease having its effect on us, we will stop yielding to it, we will yield only to the Bridegroom to the Righteous One and we will never be left in the dark. The idea of no more night is what I want to bring light to my heart and mind. The light exposes my sin and my darkness and “as long as it is light (day), we must do the works of him who sent me.” (John 9:4) No one can serve God fully in love when confronted with their own night (darkness). Lord, let us walk in Your Light. Help me, help us no better as your Bride.