As promised, I am blogging every day this month, 30 posts in 30 days. Is that self-indulgent? No, because I will have at least 1 guest feature. It would be nice to have a few, but we will see. We will see who comes out of the woodwork. The 10 year anniversay of the start of this blog was technically October 30th which is the day I purchased the rights to it, but I guess is took me a week to publish something.

Regardless I don’t think you came here for a history of how this blog was created. Actually who knows why you came here at all? It would be cool to hear if there was any piece of writing over the past 10 years that has stuck out to you or to engage with you over writing in general.

I had my first garage writers meeting last Thursday (we wrote prompts around fear) and tomorrow I am going to another writers group meeting in Mount Pleasant through a church. I’m really leaning in over the next year. I’ve been writing for almost 30 years honestly. Ironically, the first installment of picture stories I wrote was in Kindergarten and it was called Spooky Town. I’m writing this on Halloween so its only convenient that at 5 years old in some kindergarten class in Hamilton, NJ, little old me was writing about monster friends in a town.

I blame my exposure to Tales from the Crypt, my dad’s enjoyment of horror movies and watching The Monster Squad at a very young age as the reason for writing or rather drawing and orally telling tales of Spooky Town.

In the last 10 years, I have told and lived a lot of stories. It has truly been a crazy decade. I have had over 10 different jobs, sometimes working a few at once, I have moved 16 times. I have been to 4 countries on 4 different continents, hiked in 7 national parks, pro-wrestled for 5 years, was a materials coordinator on a fracking project, distribution manager on an organic farm, youth and small groups coordinator at Church, hospital chaplain, field engineer on gas and electrical projects, and now special education teacher.

I have dated, had my heart broken, had dreams crushed, walked away from ministry, lost my grandma and dad in the last 4 years.

There was a pandemic. There is a war waged by a country I’ve been to that speaks a language I studied for 3 years because I attended a Ukrainian charasmatic church in college (but that was before this blog).

I have lived a life that is hard to pin down, but I don’t want to recap my life.

Ultimately this post will function and conclude as a brief outline of the previous 10 years of this blog, conveniently broken up by lulls in writing. So here it goes your table of contents in case there is anything you want to read about:

Part I. Nov. 2012- Aug 23, 2013 (26 posts)- The fracking years, guest posts from Jeff Derouen who helped me start the blog. We wrote with the intention of reflecting about life on the road and love, lots of heartbreak and processing life in a new state largely alone and finding my way. I took a break after writing a post on my dads birthday. Much of the content is processing heartbreak and loneliness

Part II. Jan. 2014- Dec 2014 (9 posts) – Grad School, trying to heal, reflecting on faith, largely not sad and hopeful

Part III. Nov. 2016- Aug. 5 2018 (104 posts)- Almost 2 years of not writing was made up for by writing over 100 posts in a year and a half. The great irony of it all is all this writing was done while working the longest job I worked in construction during one of the most healthy seasons of my life where I was teaching Bible classes at night and in pretty good shape while still wrestling and was very single. I wrote commentaries on the books of Ezekiel, Jude and the Gospel of John. It actually is a very rich season of theological writing leading into the next season of writing

Part IV. Aug. 5 2018- Aug. 19, 2019 (31 posts)- My year of chaplaincy, some of the most deeply reflective inward writing I have done, some of it is dark, some of it is deep, some of it is endearing. It is a good picture of the life of a chaplain and sets the stage for my exit from Charleston and wrestling with my calling in life and ministry.

Part V. Sep. 11 2019- Sep. 29 2020 (58 posts)- Oh boy, probably the darkest of my writing. I was grappling with a lot of disappointment pain and sadness and was living pretty isolated. I made a return to poetry. Most of my writing during this time is actually private now. 37 of the 58 posts are made private because it was either poetry or it was too raw to leave out in the open. Some of the posts led people to reach out in concern. It was all writing leading up to my return to Charleston.

Part VI. Nov. 28 2020- Jan. 14, 2022 (35 Posts)- A two month break in writing, figuring out what to do next with my life, seemingly leaving ministry and figuring out how to be a part of a church, how to navigate romance and friendship and the loss of relationships and fighting to find my footing. Some of the writing is prophetic and helpful, some of it is deeply introspective and poetic if you life that kind of thing.

Part VII May 2, 2022- Now (13/14 posts)- Grief and Loss and Coping with all, loss in death, loss in love and the seeds that grow in spite or because of those losses. Both tearful and hopeful comingling together towards something fruitful, optimistic of reaping a harvest as demonstrated in writing.

So there you have it folks an odd synopsis outline of a decade of writing. I hope you stick with me and come back and visit a few times this month. I promise there will be interesting content across every possible genre and prizes

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  1. Hi Jim!
    I’ve learned so much about you since I started reading your posts. I didn’t realize how much you traveled and your learning to speak Ukrainian! Myron should converse with you!

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