The Beginning is Near

Ezekiel 7 and 21
We live in a world or era in which, the thought of the sword being an instrument of the judgment of an entire nation is laughable. The pen has proven mightier than the sword because you can use a pen to sign a permit for a gun, lots of guns even. In Ezekiel 7 God gives His word to the prophet indicating, “The End is Near.” This is a common refrain among the prophets, or at least, that is what they typically are associated with. What is often forgotten is the end of one thing means the beginning of another.
The beginning of things can so easily be overlooked because texts in chapters 7 and 21 are so long in describing the nature of judgment. Chapter 21 depicts God clapping his hands setting the rhythm of his judgment in a certain direction. Armies do his bidding cutting down the nation of Israel to satisfy His wrath. Why does God deal this way?
I think that God himself knows: “there are things worse than death.” Because death does not have the final word, yet is the destiny of us all. Our bodies and even our emotions are not so great that they are worth clinging to. However, our relationships, particularly our relationship with God and that which is measured by spiritual currency: faith, hope and love remains.
He allows judgment when His people refuse to receive mercy so they might come to the place pleading for it. As the book of Ezekiel shows us, every aspect of society has turned against God in a relatively short amount of time. The people often forget their history, forget God’s promises, and reject the opportunity to turn back to Him. How else will they learn, unless God allows something to end?

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