The Hidden Hole of Idol

Ezekiel 8
One day, Ezekiel, the priest on indefinite leave, is sitting in his house with a group of important people. While sitting God’s hand grabbed hold of the prophet through a vision. In the vision, God grabs Ezekiel by the hair and carries him through the air to a gateway. The purpose of this is to show Ezekiel the abominable acts of the people of Israel.
At a certain point, God tells Ezekiel to peek into a hole in the wall and dig. After digging far enough Ezekiel can see what the elders (the important people sitting in his house) are doing. In the dark places of their hearts the elders adore idols and reject the thought that God can see them. The people worship beasts and worship the sun; they worship their food, their provisions and their perceived sources of sustenance while rejecting God. To God, this is abomination.
What God considers abominations are the objects of affection that snub God as creator. When we take things He did not intend to be worshiped and place them as preeminent, we make them into Gods. We can do this with objects, animals and people, and it is a way easier slope to slide down than we think. Or rather it is an easy hole to bury. This is why God sometimes picks us up by the hair.
If only God would grab us by the locks of our hair and pull us out of abominable holes because I’d rather feel like I’m flying with Him out in the open, then have my privacy with idols that darken and dirty my heart.

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