Packing Baggage

Ezekiel 12 & 13

This is the “I’d like to show you how to leave” chapter. Ezekiel is instructed to pack his bags and dig through a wall at nighttime. It can’t be too late at night though because other people actually have to see Ezekiel leave. “Pull yourself and your bags through the hole you’ve dug and cover your face so you can’t see where you are going.”

                The Israelites will live, as vagabonds, homeless, eating and drinking while trembling. They will succumb to a posture that God will have compassion on because His words are the only ones left to believe. But how did they get there, and why did they stay in this position?
   An easy way to feel hopeless or to walk in the mentality of being impoverished is to entrust one’s self to the false words and empty promises of another person. This can happen even by believing the words of someone we don’t even like.  In chapter 13 false prophets in Israel speak of a nonexistent peace that is followed by the building of a wall that is whitewashed.
Then, there are the women who sell magic beads. I don’t know if you see a pattern developing, but the Israelites are putting their trust in worthless things still. Disingenuous words, walls that appear to offer protection, and magical beads.
It’s a strong delusion and it begins to way heavy. We develop baggage when we put too much hope in empty promises and people who can’t meet our expectations. And we do it far too often. Yet, there is God, looking to lighten our load and light our path. He shows us how to leave the things behind that provide false hope and hopefully drop our baggage along the way.

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