Mob Dross and Fire

Ezekiel 22
                When I leave work, I pass by 6 strip clubs in the first 5 minutes of my drive. A few of them are closed and at least one of them is open Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I often wonder who owns them. I also think about who goes to them on Christmas. My only hypothesis is mobsters?
                 In every gang-related movie or cop drama TV show, a strip club at some point is the setting of a scene in which individuals are plotting something nefarious namely murder. And perhaps, this is the reason why when I read chapter 22, I think of Israel as the mob rather than holy people of God.
                They are found guilty of shedding blood, extortion, lewdness and impure sexual conduct. God looks upon all of it and considers it dross. And that is what mafia mentality breeds, that is what extortion and an approach to power that manipulates others leads to, dross. Dross is leftover material regarded as worthless. It is what’s left after every, last drop of value has been sucked out of something. Israel has created victims and become victims.
                That’s what happens when people use people, they become even more unsatisfied within themselves. Lust and power can never have its fill, which is why in Israel’s case it must be burned up. Their end and trial by fire might produce within them repentance or remorse for what they have created. They may choose to forsake the worthless. Now if only we might do the same

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