Ezekiel 23

Sister Wives, the brides of God, turned prostitutes.  The cities of Samaria and Jerusalem are given the new names of Oholah and Oholibah. The broken covenant of marriage requires names that reflect the behavior of cities with a confused identity. The backstory of our broken identities is rarely adequately explained because of the uncertainty of the moments or circumstances that cause our brokenness. For example, to answer the question of why anyone would turn to prostitution seems to be extremely complex.

At what age does a man or woman decide, they want their vocation to be prostitution. In most cases, isn’t that a decision that is decided for a person due to someone else’s exploitation or power to control? Strangely, Oholah and Oholibah’s prostitution is depicted as completely their choice which from what I can tell is the root of their idolatry. A prostitute’s worth is either set by someone else or the ones selling themselves. This attribution of value in some ways is concrete and has the appeal of knowing how much someone thinks I am worth for a moment of my time. But what humanity and myself frequently forget is that we sell ourselves for far less than what we are worth.

We make ourselves worthless by being stuck in sin and perverse behavior yet, the blood of God in Jesus Christ has placed an infinite value on us. That infinite value, His relentless affection, fixed desire, His comforting nearness and the depth of His love has power to move an individual from a prostitute to the purified bride of God again. This is the power of the blood, the evidence of our judgment that He bore so we might be pure.

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