Ezekiel 24

                Chapter 24 is a transitional chapter in the book of Ezekiel in which judgment is underway in Jerusalem and will then spread to other nations. It also is the saddest chapter for the romantics among us. God tells Ezekiel, I am about to take the delight of your eyes away from you in a moment, but don’t mourn over it.” The death of His wife is also a symbol for the loss of the city of Jerusalem.

                The siege of Jerusalem begins with a picture of removing water and meat from a cauldron and putting it on a bare rock to be boiled. Then the pot is set on the fire to be consumed because its rusted and pollutes the food within it. God’s unrelenting judgment has begun and the people are quiet.

                 Yet God is not quiet; He continues to speak to Ezekiel. The profound relationship between God and Ezekiel should give us hope. Because it is a relationship that is real and tangible one that gives the utmost security, knowing we have access to the kind and tender heart of God always because of Jesus.

                 Without that relationship with God, what is asked of Ezekiel would be seemingly impossible for me to fathom. To not mourn the death of one’s beloved seems cruel, yet Ezekiel does it. Perhaps, he has a healthy understanding that death is the destiny of all of us. And once someone passes from this body, the loss must be lived with. But how? Only by the grace of God to mourn and rejoice and obey.

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