Ezekiel 25 and 26

The second half of Ezekiel contains several prophecies against five cities Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, and Tyre because those cities laughed at the desecration of Israel. Even though God punishes his people, He still stands up for them when it comes to how the nation’s treat Israel. If God does not delight in the death of the wicked, then neither can the nations. These chapters show that God is just and is capable of avenging His people and judging the scoffing bully. He always is in the corner of the ones that He calls His own.

Aside from that bit of revelation, I don’t find these chapters particularly interesting so I will take the opportunity to ramble.

  • Dating websites are the worst, legit the worst. They were not designed for me. I’m terrible at communicating through technology and I take awful pictures most of the time. If mr profile survives someone else’s preferences and that someone else makes it through my arbitrarily high standards, I then have to navigate several days of sporadic conversation, which is laborious because it is not a consistent stream of flowing conversation unless we are equally enthusiastic. The last thing I will say on this subject is the dating websites I have involved myself with have a much higher rate of females who prefer dogs over cats (meh) and far too many females listing binge watching netflix as, what I’m supposing is a hobby that is meant to attract men.
  • I visited Waffles (my future cat) 2 times this month. He seems well and happy to see me each time but no longer holds his breath at the thought of me getting permission to take him any time soon.
  • I’m teaching a class on preaching starting next week, which should be a lot of fun even though I have much more experience reading and writing about biblical passages than preaching from them. It at least feels like I’m doing something I was created to do rather than the joys of lonely office work that has consumed me for most of the month of December.

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