Love is Staying

Loyal love is the definition of mercy. It’s the kind of love that endures through suffering. It’s the portion of the resilient, perfect love of God that is necessary for imperfect people to live full lives and have any type of lasting love. Because at some point, or perhaps more often than we would like to know, we hurt the ones we love. And we can only hope that when we hurt someone we love, we would hurt enough along with them to ask for forgiveness quickly and find ways to set things right.

I genuinely want to feel someone else’s pain to know the gravity of my selfish decision. Ideally, I would have liked to not make a selfish or hurtful decision in the first place. I want the option of a quick reconciliation; of course, that usually requires a measure of time for processing that is proportional to the wrong. One thing I don’t want is to feel pain in isolation. In lve-steadythe times we do feel pain quietly alone, it requires a surrendering of all feelings and wounds to the healing touch of Jesus. Otherwise a root forms in our heart, wrapping around it, to try and brings us back to that moment or person who hurt us so we feel the pain again. Not only might we feel it but we let that hurt be the reason we don’t trust or love or continually forgive.

What does any of this have to do with a staying love? I’ll tell you. The person who hurt you, do you still love them? If that’s too hard to vocalize since it’s just a word, do you hope the best for them; do you bless them? Do you love still? There is an enduring nature to love.  If love is real; it doesn’t die. It may dry like blood because love like blood needs reciprocation. It needs flow for love to be alive. But dry love is still love. God searches our hearts and continues to work on them so we would have love for our enemies and a love that is still, is steady, is staying, during trial and pain as well as in the easier times of celebration.

I love that God who is love does this. I love that God created something so complex yet so potentially all-consuming as love, to make us aware how much we are worth to Him. I’m glad love is demonstrable; I’m glad it’s felt. I’m glad it doesn’t cast aside or throw away. I’m grateful God placed this potential for love in the human heart. I’m glad it was sent. I’m glad it is seen. I’m glad it stays. I’m glad God’s Spirit has stayed despite the reasons I give sometimes that would suggest God should leave.

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