Love is Saving

                The word saving like the word love encompasses a lot. To save implies preservation, protection, rescuing from harm. To say that love is saving suggests that loving is an activity that gives life. he-drew-me-out-of-deep-waters-steve-alberts

Love does not take away from us or something else. Scripture suggests in 1 Corinthians 13 that love is the greatest and most enduring thing to ever exist. If we had nothing else but love, we would still be rich or full.

Love is the redemptive currency of God. It can reveal worth to those that feel they had nothing left to live for. It can overjoy those who felt like they had so much.  Love provokes us to declare unashamedly how great God’s love is. Love likes to announce its availability because of its innate desire to want to be shared.

But how does any of this mean love saves? Love saves because of its effect on fear. When we experience times of desperation, it is most certainly over the fear of what we have lost or what we fear we will lose. But 1 John 4:18 shows me that God’s perfect love eradicates fear. It sends fear packing, and fearless people are unhindered to freely live. Without fear we are confident because we are secure in love. To be saved from any life-threatening circumstance suggests that you are now protected and alive and grateful for it.

Jesus loved in this way. It’s why He could suffer execution and expect resurrection.

He was secure in love, filled by love, and moved to love in the most extravagant way the world could ever know.

He died and raised to life to remove the dark, fearful lives we are tempted to live by.

He died to remove the consequences of the actions that hinder love and resurrected so we would know the power of God to live love-full.

I’m so grateful God let me know about His love and got to experience it’s saving power.

Its Valentine’s Day and the Creator of Romance lived a love story for humanity. We can read it, we can live it, we can love it.

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