Ezekiel 35

Every tag team has to start somewhere, but there are few tag teams whose gimmicks whose start and end look entirely different. For Edge and Christian, the duo was introduced within 4 months of each other as brothers. Edge was a matrix-esque loner and Christian was a gothic vampire’s disciple. Edge feuded with and then joined Christian and his mentor Gangrel, the actual vampire, to form The Brood, a group best known for their lights-out blood baths and cool entrances rising up from a circle surrounded by fire in the WWF’s Titan Tron stage.

Brother verse brother always make for a popular feud. This is how the WWF introduced Kane to feud with Undertaker. It is the plot line of the 2011 MMA movie Warrior. Sibling rivalry is money and dates back to the first brothers Cain (not to be confused with Kane) and Abel. Unlike Cain and Abel, the three examples above also illustrate the entertainment value of sibling reconciliation.

The_Brood.2The team of Edge and Christian were far better as a tandem than they were with Gangrel, but I will admit that the bloodbath and their entrance were so darn cool at the time. Which brings me to my point, Biblical texts and theological positions inspire professional wrestling storytellers.

You see, after Cain and Abel, there were two more brothers, Jacob and Esau. They competed too, over position in the family and inheritance, trying to earn their push. Jacob tricks Esau but has to flee for his life, leading to the eventual reconciling of the brothers many years later. Fast forward 600 163f1575aad51821f503462321a27d53years or so and their offspring turned cities that bear their names, have heat again. Even more-so, Edom the city named after Esau, home to Mt. Seir, is out for blood against Israel, the city of Jacob who himself was repackaged as Israel.

A scriptural reference might be nice: Ezekiel 35:6 “As surely as I live, says the Sovereign Lord, since you show no distaste for blood, I will give you a bloodbath of your own. Your turn has come!” This verse sums up the entire chapter in that the evil brothers’/territories love for blood has led to vengeance from God.

The reasoning for this vengeance is not so God can let out some arbitrary anger as an evil divinity, it is what is required due to the blood that was shed by the evil brother. The bloodbath vengeance will allow the good brother to live in safety and victory, allows God to remain famous and for the rest of the world to rejoice at the prospect of peace. Save the face (good guy), save the company, is the job of the creator.

In 1998, the Brood was not the threat to the company that the Ministry of Darkness (a faction led by the Undertaker) appeared to be, until Vince McMahon revealed that he was aligned with them. In fact the Brood, for how cool their entrance was and how cool their bloodbaths were, weren’t meant to last. After they ineffectively hung the Big Boss Man from a cell at WrestleMania XV, it was only a matter of time before one realized this group’s shelf life was seasonal.

Because one thing that is true in wrestling, as is true in reality is that villains or heels don’t last. They may supply the conflict for the story and are involved in the climax, but they exist to make room for the hero.

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