John 1:29-34

I have this idea that has since been replicated. I want to come out to entrance music before the ceremony at my wedding and give high fives to the people who have shown up. I know that usually happens at the reception when a DJ introduces the bridal party. I also know realistically, that people will much more likely enjoy the tradition of standing for my bride.

In John 1:29, we see Jesus makes his first entrance in the last gospel to the cue of John the Baptists introduction. The Lamb of God shows up and I love Him for it. The only thing that John knew of Jesus up to this point was that Jesus was his slightly younger cousin. John admits that he didn’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah, something a lot of seemingly well-intentioned folks at the time could relate to.

Thankfully, God had a plan for a slow reveal by telling John he would see a sign. The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, descended on Jesus like a dove resting upon him. God told John to expect this, and he testifies of the experience in verse 34 when John explains: “I saw this happen to Jesus, so I testify that he is the Son of God.”

Admittedly, I feel as if the whole experience described adds a little more mystery to God’s plan of salvation. How could so many people miss God? He was literally standing in front of them. Why did God in Christ choose to be so inconspicuous so much of the time?

Why wait until the last chapter to make a grand entrance?

I don’t want my introduction to take away from the arrival of my bride. I want my introduction to enhance her arrival. I want the rush of excitement from coming out to goofy music to ease my nerves as I prepare to see the only other person I hope to commit my life to.

I imagine Jesus’ second coming to run a similar course. An eager glorified Jesus coming for his radiant bride in the Church.

But I don’t want to separate the end from the beginning because this first appearing was Jesus getting ready to propose, trying to keep it all a secret before the moments leading up to getting down on one knee or more literally getting lifted up to die on a cross.

IMAG0877Jesus doesn’t just burst on the scene, he prepares for what is believed to be 30 years. He doesn’t announce himself. He shows up and one person believes in Him after his baptism. It’s the beauty of the small reveal and the beauty of the kingdom of God.

God really wants us to be looking closely, searching diligently, loving liberally, He wants our affection and excitement before the reveal. He wants us to cultivate faith, hope and love, the unseen but palpable currencies of the Kingdom.

Today if you’re having your doubts about the reality of the love of Jesus or God’s plans for you, ask for revelation?

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