John 1:35-51

Have you ever had someone notice and appreciate the little things ? That seemingly insignificant characteristic or act that flowed naturally out of who you are. It was a nice feeling, yeah? It’s refreshing to gain a little self-confidence when we are seen by others and not ignored.

It’s freeing to not have to compete for attention.

There is this interaction in John 1:47-51 in particular, where Jesus after gaining a couple of followers, meets Nathanael the brother of Philip. As the brothers walk toward Jesus, Jesus calls Nathanael a genuine son of Israel and a man of complete integrity.

Nathanael asks, “how do you know me?”

Jesus answers, “I saw you under a fig tree before Philip found you.”

In turn Nathanael makes a declaration of belief, stating that Jesus is the Son of God. But it is just the beginning. Jesus states that there are greater things  in store for Nathanael as he follows Christ.

Jesus has tracked me down several times in my life. He found me on my college campus my freshmen year hoping to connect with other individuals that were fully committed to their pursuit of falling deeper in love with God. He found me on a volleyball court. He found me while I was wearing a cross for two weeks. He saw me in the midst of my sincerest desires and greatest disappointments.

Jesus saw me.

Jesus saw you __________.


Where, though?

Where were the things we were hiding behind? Where are the things we were standing in front of, in an attempt to hide a part of ourselves? What were we hiding from, trying to escape from, trying to be released of?

What shell was I hiding in that I needed to be pulled out of in order to walk again?

People sit under trees to relax, to rest, to find shade from heat, to daydream, to reflect, to find themselves, to be still.

Jesus saw us in our time of introspection, in our time of uncertainty, in our moments when our only hope was to protect ourselves.

He saw me through the strange seasons, when I finished education to find a place in ministry, when I traded ministry for financial security amidst the hope matrimony, when I traded wealth for spiritual and emotional wellness in order to find myself again, when I found my Heavenly Father and became confused about my calling as a child of God. when I ignored confusion and began trusting for contentment.

He found us under our fig tree and said, “Come, Follow me.”

That invitation to follow and to step outside our shells also comes with a promise. It’s a promise that we will see great things and be transformed in love. Our life is filled with a new purpose that God himself reveals to us day by day and choice by choice.

I’m glad God tells us he saw us and found us because it gives us assurance that God is always there. We are never unnoticed. We are forever found.


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