Ezekiel 47:1-12

I am not sure what effects our internal chemistry, what causes our dispositions to change. I’m not sure why that internal chemistry then reflects outwardly in the form of a heavy countenance or a downcast soul or glowing joy. I often wonder what ignites and fuels the fire of hope inside individuals that enables them to live confidently. What I am sure of is, the people I admire most have this gift of giving themselves freely in way in which their personality flows out of them as they give

inside0the-temple-in-spainIn this second to last chapter of Ezekiel, streams are flowing out of the Temple and a man with a measuring line takes Ezekiel into some water that was ankle-deep. Then he goes knee-deep, then waist-deep, then into water that was too high, deep enough to swim in but not pass through.

How does so much water flow out of this Temple. Where does the water even come from? How does it form into a rushing river?

In v. 8-12 the water flows into a sea and there it becomes fresh.  And the river contains living creatures and many fish, and fishermen will make their living from the river. The banks of the river will grow trees with leaves that will bear fresh fruit every month. This fruit will be for food and the leaves will be for healing.

Those 4 verses are a picture of Heaven and are depicted in a little more detail in Revelation 22. It’s a visualization of what flows out of the Temple being a producer of life everywhere it flows. The Temple of God functions as something that sustains life.

fast-flowing-river.jpgThe New Testament says the Christian, as the individual, has become a temple for the Holy Spirit. The implication of this that God Himself might be seen and expressed as flowing like a river out from within the individual. The power of expressing the love of the gospel presents the Christian with the opportunity to be a vessel that nourishes, heals, and builds up strength in others.

It is also here, conveniently nearing the end of the book that Ezekiel, perhaps the prophet realizes that as much a this is a picture of a future temple and the nourishment of the nations, Ezekiel himself  has represented the temple in his ministry. Ezekiel bears witness to a vision God has placed in him to express in proclamation to a nation. The hope is Israel will believe it and rejoice in God’s promises for them.

Fortunately this disposition, this flowing river of living water is what the Holy Spirit longs to stir in and overflow out of us.


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