Hey friends! I’m taking a short break from blogging about chapters of Scripture to do some more reflection about me since I’m turning 30. So I’m just warning you now. But you’re here and by now if you got here and have come back here you are probably 1 of 8 people that might find this interesting.

If not, my kids can read this in 20 years and think, “Wow my dad didn’t tell me that,” or your kids can read it in 20 years and think, “Wow you had a really fascinating friend.” (I’m being optimistic)

30 things that made me, ME

  1. My first memory as a child is from November 22, 1990. I was 2 years old pushing 3. My dad held me as I caught a glimpse of Survivor Series 1990, a wrestling event.
  2. I have this teddy bear named Bosco, his head fell off once((I think), I left him at a hotel when our family drove to Florida, and my dad took an hour and half detour one way to go back and get him before we continued to Florida. My kindergarten teacher said I could bring him to school after I told her my parents were getting a divorce. He is married with a child and he lives currently on the top shelf of my closet.
  3. I once wrote a letter to the principal of my elementary school saying the chicken nuggets no longer tasted good, the lunch lady that made them was fired a week later :(, coincidence… maybe. In retrospect I would have advocated for mercy.
  4. One of my favorite and scariest incidents was when my dad walked away from a fight late at night outside of my little league game. I was proud of my dad and still to this day cherish that moment to demonstrate peace rather than fight.
  5. As a child I would spend the night at my grandmas, I would wrap penny’s or play with toys until 20/20 came on. Then I would lay on her lap on the couch, She would scratch my back. I’d fall asleep.
  6. My closest friend as a child Will, along with his brother Tim would wrestle in his basement; then in high school we backyard wrestled after school. We would move  his couches and mattresses outside, wrestle for an hour or so and have it all put back before his mom got home from work 😀
  7. I lived at the beach for almost a whole summer in high school and would often spend the weekends there with my friend Clint. We would do tons of odd jobs for his uncle, including cleaning out beach house rentals where renters left behind traces of drugs. We had enough money to eat pizza and fast food and body board in the ocean. At night we would mess with the drunk night-clubbers walking back to cars. Sometimes I charged them money for hugs.
  8. My nicknames in middle school included: cauliflower, q-tip, albino, and cotton ball. I had curly blonde hair. By high school I embraced my hair and was in the top 3 for “heavenly hair” in the yearbook. I lost to my best friend Ben who I lobbied votes for  because he had a legit mullet.
  9. I got cut from the soccer team in 10th grade trying out for goalie after starting for the freshman team the year before. I was a short goalie. I missed driving cross- country with my dad and brother that summer because I wanted to stay in shape preparing for the season. Once I got cut it was my biggest regret up to that point in my life.
  10. I went on my first Missions Trip to Puerto Rico the summer before my senior year of high school. Another one my best friends was called to ministry and I experienced God in a new way preparing me to love Jesus more before I went to college. I brought 2 jars of peanut butter on that trip. I consumed 1 and a half.
  11. In my grandmas basement after lifting weights on a home gym that my brother bought, he convinced me to go to college. I was wait-listed to James Madison University, got accepted at the end of June, went to visit in July and started school in August. It was the best decision for my relationship with Jesus.
  12. I had a cat named Dwarf and another cat named Poggles. Dwarf was so mean to most everyone but me and my dad. He was a survivor, but ultimately he was eaten by a coyote. It seemed a fitting way for him to go.
  13. Growing up I watched a lot of the TV show ALF. It went off the air when I was 1 years old but my dad had them on VHS. I watched hours and hours of ALF. Most of my sense of humor and mannerisms developed from a fictitious alien who wanted to eat cats.


This post only made it to 13 which sounds like 30 so I guess that’s good enough.


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