I’ve debated what I want this to be. Do I want to write a commentary on the Song of Songs or do I want to do a walk through stream of consciousness as it hits me?

Without giving too much of a lesson on the Song of Songs, I have read it over a dozen of times. I have studied it as allegory, I have heard teachings on it describing romance, but ultimately what it is, is a Hebrew love poem. Taken at face value I will probably approach it as such, but bear in mind the allegory lens might pop in. Truth be told I think the allegory lens of trying to draw theological conclusions can be fun, but I won’t do that here. Maybe elsewhere.

So for now, it’s like a watch along except with reading, so grab a copy of Song of Songs and lets see how it hits

V. 1 Okay we have a song by Solomon

V. 2 We are opening with the desire to be kissed, a make out session.

V. 3 there is cologne and his name (Solomon) is nice like the olden day equivalent of Romeo or something exotic, I guess it rolls off the tongue?

V. 4 She wants be drawn away, into a sprint, into the kings chamber. That translation sounds like a prison but it is a large bedroom, right? unless this is turning into something creepy.

We now also have a we, people like the love story, and the woman agrees

V. 5 Oh she turns introspective, she is dark, yet lovely

V. 6 embarrassed and feels unworthy and is somehow caught between some sort of familial struggle. Her brothers or step brothers make her take care of another vineyard but she neglects her own, is this a metaphor, is it literal, is it sexual?

V.7 Lots of pastoral nuance I don’t understand about grazing and sheep resting and being a veiled woman besides the flocks of your friends. I think she just wants to be with her lover perhaps in an open field perhaps in a chamber (still a large bedroom I suppose)

V. 8 Ah a new voice now addressing the woman, telling her where to go along the path to linger among the shepherds

V. 9 Shift in gender tense, presumably a new speaker now a male comparing the woman to a horse which maybe appeals to horse people but could also be offensive to some.

V.10 Complement the cheeks, the earrings, the neck (I agree, nothing like good smiling cheeks to kiss)

V.11 “We” not sure who will make you earrings. I think it would be fun to make earrings. (BTW I did get my ears pierced a month ago, no big deal)

V. 12 She sees the king at a table and perfumes up

V. 13 Woah! Things are heating up or maybe not, just because the word breasts are there doesn’t mean they are. I think she is just saying his scent is close to her and doesn’t want it to go away. They must have been really into smells.

V.14 more smell imagery, the image of breathing one another in, if you are close enough to take in someones scent and enjoy it you must like them I suppose (Note to self: Bathe/smell nice)

v.15 We are shifting back to compliments. Beautiful, now the eyes

V.16 Now she compliments. It’s good that she also finds him good looking, just two presumably good looking people finding each other good looking or two okay looking people that find each other good looking. And now they are either laying in the grass or not.

v.17 Now is it metaphor or are they actually just romancing each other in the outdoors? It kind of seems like they are kissing in a wooded grassy knoll which I can get behind.

Well that’s chapter 1, my immediate impression is that these are two young and in love people, not yet married but presumably wanting to be who are about to make out in a field and like the way each other look and smell.

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