One of the things I’m doing over the next month is sharing excerpts from long form writings I have written that I hope to one day potentially publish. There will be 4 more posts like this so if you see the word excerpt, it is going to be from something I have written that is much longer in nature that I have not shared on this blog.

This excerpt is from my first completed novella 30,000 words roughly 120 pages. This is from Chapter 3 of the Cheesebringer. The main character David has just come home from work after being confronted by a beauracratic compliance auditor at the cheese production house.

From Chapter 3 Innovation and Interruptions of The CheeseBringer:

David pulled up to his grandmother’s house greeted by a familiar face looking inquisitively at him from the front step. It was Rickles, David’s gray and white outdoor cat. As he walked up the sidewalk Rickles met him half-way and rubbed against David’s calf. 

“Aw, Little Rickles, you’re so happy to see me.” David bent down to pet Rickles who rolled onto his side pivoting on his back.

“Meow,” said Rickles.

“Are you hungry?” David asked.

Rickles quickly got back on his feet. “Meeooooowwww.”

“Okay, okay, you wait here, and I’ll get you some delicacies.” David twiddled Rickles ears and unlocked the door. 

He did not realize he was being followed and upon opening the door, out of nowhere, Rickles leapt into the house saying, “Meow.”

“Rickles! No get out! You can’t be in the house. How many times!”

Rickles jumped on the green chair in the living room, laid down and began licking his paws, proud and content until David’s grandmother spotted him. 

“Get off! Get off that chair,” Grandma said.

Rickles descended from the chair and ran to the nearest stairwell which led to the bedrooms. This, along with a brief lecture about not letting the cat in the house made David sigh several times. He also ascended the stairs and closed the door to his room. Lying down on the bed next to a pretending to sleep Rickles David drifted into a daydream:

“David, you are the most ruggedly handsome, gentle, full of joy and life, with a faith that moves mountains kind of man, and I am madly in love with you in such a way that will never lead to heartbreak,” said the girl whom David always dreams about spending the rest of his life with. She approached him after he scored an amazing goal during a pick up soccer game in the park. 

“Would you like to make music and cook together this evening?” David asked quite literally (making music and cooking not being euphemisms).

She obliged but not before challenging him one on one to a game of besting each other in dribbling the soccer ball. David let her get by him when she was on the offensive and used it as an excuse for a playful tackle that sent them tumbling to the ground laughing. When the giggles subsided they looked into the clouds, the sun shining through, while a calm, cool breeze was blowing on them. David was lying still, at peace and she on her side leaning her face towards his cheek moving in for a…*lick* and a soft paw pad on his chin.

Rickles was ready for dinner.

Though he was capable of scavenging for his own food, he had grown accustomed to his mid-evening treat from a can. Unmoved by David’s frustration from being awakened from his fantasy, Rickles maneuvered his body so that his tail would flail about David’s face.

“Meow ow,” Rickles insisted.

David attempted to assert his dominance. “Fine, but then you have to go back outside, and no more sneaky stuff.”

Rickles licked his front paw with indifference.

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