Good Morning!

Today I am sharing an excerpt from a story I wrote about lightning bugs. This is an intermission where the main antagonist Whinegard the Worm of the Illumi-Naughty interrupts the story to explain why he is trying to erase Lightning Bugs from existence. Enjoy!

Chapter 6 ½: An Illumi-Naughty Intermission Brought to You by Whinegard the Worm

Why hello there, kind or cruel reader whichever you prefer. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Whinegard, a representative of the most noble Illumi-Naughty. Quite frankly, we are misunderstood. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand, which is why I will attempt to explain the current predicament.

We did indeed dispose of Flickering, that mad flicker of a bug that had far too much fight in him. We were forced to collapse the ground beneath him along with several dandelions and proceeded to snuff out his light, a mild inconvenience in order to spare modern society of infestation. After all, he was trying to undo the convenient system we had developed to minimize the amount of lightning bugs polluting the air. 

It has been a concern of ours for quite some time. If they simply would just let the darkness be. When it is dark, the darkness wants to be dark, not to be polluted with speckles of light that try to obtrusively steal its glory. We also glow and it is rather disturbing which is why we willingly bury ourselves beneath the dirt, coating our luminescence with it so as not to disturb the darkness. The darkness has ever been our friend, but those lightning bugs had long claimed to beautify the night with their light. 

It has been blatantly obvious that no one else feels this way. No other species has shown so much dissidence against the darkness as the lightning bugs which is why we have offered our services inconspicuously and without desire for reward, underneath the surface. We have been quietly conducting a service to the masses. 

Not to mention lightning bugs are the dumbest species of any species on the planet. They are easily convinced, easily handled, rest during the daylight, are hideous and are completely unaware of larger species. For goodness sake they think a Hand floats in the sky detached from a human face. They haven’t the slightest clue about anything and only see so they can multiply. What selfishness! They want to spread, they want to grow. They want to eliminate the darkness which is why we have kindly devised ways to eliminate them, which up until now has slowly worked.

We convinced you dear reader to place them in tiny glass jars, and it has not been enough which is why we would like to begin phase 2. And thankfully because those bugs are dumb, and we tirelessly work to hide our GLOW and benefit all who love darkness, we have devised an additional plan. 

Your Welcome,


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