Today we have round 2 of walking through Song of Solomon. Day 8 of blogging. I’ll admit it is more of a challenge than I thought. But some days writing is simply discipline. Break out the book and song and lets go for a quick walk.

V. 1 she compares herself to a flower. Whenever I read the name Sharon, its hard for me to not hear it in the voice of Ozzie Ozbourne.

V. 2 He affirms this a lily among thorns which is a beautiful expression, among other women. It is an acknowledgment of choosing one out of the many and having been enamored by this person.

V. 3 she reciprocates with forest and tree imagery, shade and nourishment, the depiction of wanting to care for someone through food and shelter.

V.4 And it only gets better, a banquet table and another of my favorite expressions, “his banner over me is love.” I imagine a flag or one of those happy birthday banners or the balloons withe numbers except it is love.

V. 5 a plea to be fed with fruit and an admission that she is sick with love. It is a wonderful depiciton of yearning, perhaps it is one of the greatest delights of life to be lost in thought about love and like and wonder over a person with whom you are romanced by and considering romance.

V. 6 the description of a normal embrace posture before they are about to kiss

V.7 Then a familiar refrain or oath to not stir or awaken love until it pleases. This is the most repeated line in the song. And each time she gives this piece of wisdom to the Daugthers of Jerusalem her beloved comes to her.

V.8 she hears her beloved voice as he comes a leaping

V.9 He leaps and then he looks through the lattice, it would be creepy if it were not welcome

V.10 He waits by her window and calls her to come away with him. Lots of romance happens outside someones window. Maybe not as much in modern times. Now it is DM’s right? Who has time to go to someone’s window and potentially get arrested for trespassing?

V.11 changing of seasons, goodbye winter (yet the winter is coming, the cruel cold)

V. 12 more flowers, this is an interesting catch “the time for singing has come” is also translated “the time for pruning has come” both the noun zamir in Hebrew *note to self, do a deeper dive on that interesting word.

and the singing of turtle doves, between the turtle doves and the leaping, we got some of the 12 days of Christmas popping up.

V. 13 fig trees, Jesus curses one of those in the gospels, but this fig tree is ripe and smells nice, the beloved is still calling her to arise and come away.

V. 14 more interesting imagery, reminds me of Moses calling out from the rock to see God’s glory, Elijah on the mountain hoping to hear God’s voice, here the beloved calling to his dove in the rock to let him ee her face and hear her voice.

V. 15 And then a call to catch the foxes that ruin the vineyard, a call to take captive the things or thoughts or circumstances that prevent their love and romance from being fruitful.

V. 16 We come full circle in this chapter back to lillies but also to the recognition of the claim that both of the lovers have on each other. They are for each other. They are involved

V. 17 It seems like their is an implication that stayed together until day break, until the shadows flee and then he is off. And so are we today. We are off, it’s election day. Go out and vote. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

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