Back and dreaming dreams in the song of songs in the blog of blogs in the November of Novembers.

V. 1 She dreams that she is looking for her lover, (the bed, the place where we think and drift and hopefully find rest or we spend our time being restless).

V. 2 In her dream presumably she goes out into the city searching, like a large scale game of hide and seek. But she does not find him which is sad face.

V. 3 She encounters the watchmen of the city, the ones that are on guard and she asks them for help. Surely they would have seen her lover.

V. 4 In this dream she finds her lovely shortly after encountering the watchmen. She clings to him, won’t let him go and brings him to her mother’s house. She shares him with her family or perhaps just brings her into a bedroom in their house. Interesting?

V. 5 And then the second refrain to not stir or awaken love until the right time. This comes up again later as if heeding this advice is an option.

V. 6 I don’t know if we are still in a dream or post dream now but we have an entrance the likes of a WWE wrestling superstar at Wrestlemania, columns of smoke, smells and powders!

V. 7 Don’t know what the litter of Solomon is? Domesticated Jackals? and an entourage

V.8 they have swords, are warriors and they are leading the way like groomsmen for….

V.9 Da da Ta Da King Solomon in a carriage that he made out of wood, not sure if he commissioned it or put some sweat into it. (Kings don’t do wood work or do they? Looking at you Jesus)

V. 10 describes what the carriage looks like and then we find out the upholstery is made by the daughters of Jerusalem, made with love like something you’d find at hallmark or etsy or one of those charming boutiques.

V. 11 a call to come watch the King Solomon parade while he wears a crown given him by his mother. I too should consider wearing a crown on my wedding day, the day of the gladness of my heart.

Summary of first 3 chapters: At this point, I still don’t think these two are married. I’m not sure if she was dreaming of marriage or she awoke from the dream and now we in chapter 3 have arrived at the wedding day or if she is already married and having a past dream about their wedding day. Maybe it’s not important at all. If I were to guess chapter 4 will not clear that up but we will see.

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