Allow me to introduce to you a guest. It has been a decade since another voice has been given space on this blog. And today I am thrilled for you to see and hear from my friend Emily Rypkema:

Em is an advocate for aesthetic, she is attune to the depths of beauty which has allowed her to see and notice more than we'd usually see if we had not stopped to take in what is around us. As a result, she both captures and conveys beauty in her art and her life. She shares it with others. She, along with her 4 sisters create amazing things that you can share in at Legacy Studio. One of my favorite things about Em is she will not waste your time or make you feel like you've wasted hers, despite having a high value for how she spends it. And I, quite frankly like "wasting time," and even in that, she seemingly with ease finds a way to make all things valuable. I hope you enjoy what she has to share as much as I have.

Here’s a question for you:
Do you see only what you want to see?
I think so often we overlook the flaws.
How aligned is your perception with reality?

I’ve been thinking through this question as I sat by Colonial Lake and took in the view around me, pen in my hand ready to capture my view. Do you draw what you see or what you want to see?

So compare your ideal with the reality.
What do you get?
One part disappointment
the other, naiveté
choosing to see
only the parts
you want to see
ignoring the reality
of the world

I dont necessarily think that will always mean that we will begin to see rainbows and butterflies, roses and lilies, laughter and joy. No, what I think is that, you’ll see those wildflowers, blooming from the gutter, the trashcans that litter the streets, you’ll notice the shadows they cast creating their own glimpse of beauty.

I’m learning now that I don’t have to see perfection nor do I have to be perfection in order to be seen, to be loved, to be chosen. Because it is in my flaws, my imperfections that my beauty shines through.

Maybe the most difficult thing is recognizing reality as it truly is and still seeing the beauty in the world around. Choosing to see the imperfections and flaws over ignoring them.

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